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Core 46

Core46 Core Workout Machine

The revolutionary Core46 is the fastest way to strengthen your core muscles in just 4 minutes!

The Core46 is a hand-held dual kinetic resistance trainer that gives a total core workout in just 4 minutes. The culmination of 16 years research and 35 global patents, the Core46 delivers the benefits of four full-size gym core machines by simultaneously activating over 46 core and arm muscles, including your upper, middle and lower abs, your obliques, your lats, biceps, deltoids, triceps, trapezius, rhomboids, erectus spine muscles, and your hip flexors too. Normally it would take over an hour to work all these muscles separately!

The Core46 incorporates the biomechanics from these four machines into a portable unit, featuring:

  • 2 Power Resistance Stacks
  • Work 46 core muscles in just 4 minutes
  • Personalised program using the Core46 e-coach app
  • 100 beginner and advanced settings

Your core is your powerhouse, it’s the link between your upper and lower body and is engaged constantly, whether it’s playing sport, lifting, twisting, reaching, even simply sitting or walking. Weak core muscles can lead to injury, under performance in your fitness goals and age related muscle loss.

The Core46 is your perfect training partner. Adding a core workout to your routine can increase performance, protect joints and prevent injury. Add just 4 minutes of Core46 to your exercise regime and discover the difference a strong core can make to your fitness goals and every day movement.

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