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From the Easiest to the Toughest Total Core/Arm Workout in the fitness industry…in only one 4 Minute Exercise.

The genesis of the CoreXT46 is the proven biomechanics of four professional gym machines that have been used and tested for decades in fitness facilities and rehabilitation clinics throughout the world. The CoreXT46 incorporates the exercises from these four machines into a portable unit, featuring:

  • 2 Power Resistance Stacks
  • Adjustable Resistance Levels for All Fitness Abilities
  • Up to 200 lbs of Available Resistance
  • Personalized 4-Minute Workouts

There is no need to spend 50 minutes in the gym when you can get the benefits of Four Professional Gym Machines at home or anywhere you want to exercise with one simultaneous CoreXT46 exercise, eliminating the number one excuse for no exercising or training: “lack of time.”

The CoreXT46 is the Perfect Workout Partner. Don’t change your workout routine–Just add 4 minutes of CoreXT46