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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with my Super Brain Putty?
Form it, Snap it, Melt it, Bounce it, Stretch it! Super Brain Putty feels great – cool, velvety, silky smooth – and smells even better! No matter your age or gender, you can have hours of endless gooey fun with Super Brain Putty.

Is Super Brain Putty safe for children?
Super Brain Putty is made using a patented Swiss formula, and it contains all natural ingredients. Super Brain Putty is silicone based and non-toxic, so we recommend for children 3 years and up with adult supervision. It is not suitable for children under 36 months due to the risk of choking on small parts that can be swallowed.

How many colours and designs of Super Brain Putty are available?
There is a putty for everyone, with 32 different designs to collect! That includes the Rainbow Series, Anti-Matter Series, Metallic, Glow in The Dark, Neon, Galaxy, Pastel and Colour Change series. Super Brain Putty is available exclusively at Kmart Australia.

Is Super Brain Putty sticky?
Super Brain Putty is slippery and slimy but not as sticky as you’d think. It won’t leave any residue on hands, and you can make Super Brain Putty even softer by submerging it in warm or hot water, making it ‘melt’.

What happens if I get Super Brain Putty on the carpet or sofa?

  1. Firstly remove as much of the material as you can by hand and/or scraping it off with a brush or wooden spatula.
  2. Soak the remaining residue with pure alcohol (at least 95%) for about 3 - 5 minutes.
  3. Wash off with warm water and a common detergent.

* Please apply on a small surface to test for colour resistance.

What happens if I get Super Brain Putty in my hair?
Just apply baby oil or a generous amount of hair conditioner with warm water. Massage product around the area containing Super Brain Putty and then gently comb through. Once Super Brain Putty is removed wash hair with shampoo.

How should I store my Super Brain Putty?
Super Brain Putty never dries out! However Super Brain putty must be put back in its tin container after each use to keep it safe from dust and everyday dirt.

Can I mix putty colours?
Yes! You can mix as many colours as you like. But remember you won’t be able to unmix your colour creations.

Available exclusively at Kmart